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YouTube's 'Remix' subscription music service could launch in March

YouTube Red, Google Play Music and YouTube Music aren't enough?
Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music, YouTube and Jesus Lopez, Chairman / CEO of Latin America and Iberian Peninsula Universal Music Group International present Luis Fons with an award. Heidi Gutman via Getty Images

Another attempt by YouTube to mend fences with the music industry -- internally referred to as Remix -- is a few months away from launching, according to a report by Bloomberg. Late last year industry vet Lyor Cohen arrived to hold the title head of music, and a proposed new service would include both Spotify-like (or Google Play Music-like) on-demand streaming, plus video clips.

With YouTube Red apparently focused on original video channels and the existing YouTube Music app an also-ran, it's difficult to see what will be different enough about this service to break through. While Warner Music Group is reportedly already signed up, other labels have not, and beef over whether or not they get enough money from YouTube persists. However, the Bloomberg report notes that much of Google Play Music's staff is now a part of the YouTube team, plus the added complication of upcoming negotiations with Vevo.

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