ASUS can turn three screens into one seamless gaming display

New ROG accessories make your gaming sessions prettier and more productive.

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The most interesting accessory ASUS brought to CES this year isn't high-tech at all. In fact, it doesn't even require power or software to operate. The ROG Bezel-free Kit is for gaming fans with multi-screen setups, and it promises to eliminate the gaps where those monitors meet, essentially creating one seamless viewing area. It does all of this through the centuries-old magic of light refraction.

The kit includes long, rectangular lens strips designed to be mounted at a 130-degree angle where monitors meet, pulling screen images across the dead space to create the illusion of a single screen. ASUS says 130 degrees is "the angle determined through extensive testing to provide the best viewing experience." The Bezel-free Kit will be available in the first half of 2018 for an as-yet unannounced price.

ASUS also has some high-tech accessories at this year's CES. The Strix Flare keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX RGB switches and a host of design tweaks that aim to keep players' fingers where they need to be. The volume wheel and dedicated media keys are positioned on the board's upper left side, plus it includes a USB passthrough port and a detachable wrist rest. The Strix Flare features Aura Sync lighting technology, allowing owners to customize the keyboard and synchronize all of those flashing lights with the rest of their ASUS products.

Speaking of Aura Sync, ASUS is going all in on its proprietary lighting tech. Every ROG laptop and desktop from here on out will support Aura Sync, and ASUS is rolling out a new hunk of hardware designed to give players more control over their lighting schemes. The ROG Aura Terminal is a quad-channel RGB controller that can synchronize your rig's lighting effects with whatever's happening in-game, or ensure all of your lights are on the same page.

The Strix Flare keyboard and Aura Terminal are both due out in the first half of the year, though ASUS has not yet announced a price for either accessory.

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