FCC chairman wants mobile alerts to be more locally targeted

Ajit Pai's proposal is set to be considered by the FCC later this month.


Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai proposed a few changes to the Wireless Emergency Alert system aimed at making it more useful and functional for local officials. While the details of the proposal won't be released until tomorrow, Pai noted a major change is a requirement for wireless carriers participating in the alert program to more precisely target alerts to a particular area rather than distribute them widely. "Emergency officials across America have told the FCC how important it is to better pinpoint these alerts to impacted communities," Pai said. "This would encourage more local officials to use these alerts during emergencies as well as lead Americans to take more seriously the alerts they receive on their mobile devices."

Last month, the FCC voted in favor of a proposal to add a Blue Alert to the US Emergency Alert System, which would let nearby residents know about ongoing threats to law enforcement.

The new proposal is currently scheduled to be considered by the FCC commissioners during the agency's January 30th open meeting. You'll be able to check out a draft of the proposal here.