Panasonic adds to its 4K OLED lineup with FZ800 and FZ950 TVs

No word on pricing or availability yet.

Panasonic is kicking off 2018 with two new 4K, OLED and HDR-compatible TV ranges. The FZ800 and FZ950, which will ship in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, follow the flagship EZ1002 from last year. They come with Panasonic's original HCX processor, which enables a feature called Dynamic LUT (Lookup Table). LUTs are essentially preferences that shift the image to match the colors and brightness intended by the content creator. Normally, these are set at the start of the movie or TV show, but with Dynamic LUT the image can be updated from scene to scene.

Panasonic's TVs support the HDR10+ standard backed by Samsung and Amazon. That means you should be able to watch Amazon originals such as The Grand Tour and The Tick in their highest quality. The trade-off is that neither the FZ800 nor the FZ950 will support rival HDR format Dolby Vision. It's a peculiar choice given that Panasonic's newly announced DP-UB820 Blu-ray player is both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatible. HDR10+ has its supporters -- Warner Bros. has confirmed it will support the standard on its 4K video releases -- but it would be nice if both were available out of the box. Hopefully this standards war will be over soon.

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