Tile’s item-finding technology is being built into Bose earbuds

It'll also be used in Samsonite luggage, digital inhalers and more.

Ever lost a pair of earbuds? Or your luggage at the airport? Or worse, your inhaler? Starting this year, Tile will partner with companies like Bose, Samsonite and Propeller Health to help you find those things, to name just a few examples.

These are extensions of the Tile Platform, which the company debuted in 2016. The purpose of the program is to take the same stuff-finding tech used in Tile's Bluetooth trackers and incorporate it into everyday items like battery packs and scooters. You'd add these devices to the Tile app alongside Tile's own trackers; if you lose them, you can use the app to find them. The device in question will make a sound, or you can use the vast Tile community network to help locate where it is.

With Bose, the Tile technology will be incorporated in the Bose SoundSport Wireless and QuietControl 30 headphones sometime this year. They'll ring when you tap "find" in the app. As for Samsonite, a global pilot of Tile-integrated luggage is scheduled for this spring. Other companies that will integrate with Tile technology later this year include Herschel backpacks, Boosted skateboards and Starling, an educational wearable for young kids.

As mentioned earlier, Propeller Health is also working on integrating the tech into its connected inhalers. In a statement, David Van Sickle, Propeller co-founder and CEO, said his company intends to use Tile's technology in inhalers for managing asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Additionally, Tile has partnered with Comcast, Ruckus Wireless and the San Jose International Airport to provide more access points for Tile's network. Currently, the network relies on a community of Tile owners; everyone's Tile app works in concert to pinpoint the location of a missing item. The addition of these access points help boost the power of that community. San Jose International Airport has already been blanketed with Tile access points, while Ruckus Wireless and Comcast will add them later this year.

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