'Angry Birds' goes full NFL ahead of Super Bowl LII

Team uniforms and a football game highlight the additions.

Fans of both Angry Birds and the NFL can get excited together with new Super Bowl LII content in the popular free-to-play mobile game from Rovio. Angry Birds 2 players can now outfit their avian characters with any of the 32 official NFL jerseys and helmets while competing in new levels and in-game competitions. Angry Birds Evolution now includes NFL characters to defeat in the strategy game, and you will find a new bird called the "Quarterback." Evolution's player vs. player mode (The Oinktagon) has also been transformed into a football field in celebration.

Rovio's special, limited-time outfits and in-game features will highlight all of the NFL's teams and logos, of course, so even fans of other teams than the Eagles or the Patriots can join in the action. The new football-themed activities and visuals go live starting tomorrow, January 24th, on both Google and Apple platforms. Here are a couple of trailers to keep you excited until then.