Fitbit extends support for Pebble watches until June 30th

It's also offering $50 off the Ionic if you're a Pebble fan.

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Jon Fingas
January 24th, 2018
Nicole Lee/Engadget
Nicole Lee/Engadget

If you're still holding on to your Pebble smartwatch for dear life, we have good news: you won't have to let go for a while longer. Fitbit has extended its support for Pebble services from the original end-of-2017 cutoff to June 30th, 2018. You now have half a year longer to say your goodbyes and decide what (if anything) you'll wear next. There's an added incentive to part ways, too.

Fitbit is sweetening the pot by offering a $50 discount on the Ionic if you own a Pebble watch. You'll get an email offering the discount if you bought before December 7th, 2016 and opted to receive Fitbit marketing messages, while everyone else can register for updates to get their discount.

According to Fitbit, this is about a more graceful transition that gives developers more time to port Pebble content to the Ionic's Fitbit OS, and "passionate" fans more time to see what awaits if they make the switch. Of course, that's the rose-tinted version -- ultimately, this is an attempt to win back Pebble owners who felt burned by Fitbit's acquisition and convince them to buy the Ionic before they're lost forever. While it's not clear exactly how well the Ionic is faring in the market, Fitbit probably wouldn't mind the extra customers.

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