KFC is selling a chicken wing box that doubles as a drone

But only for two days and only in India. Alas.

Oh, KFC. For every bizarre stunt you pull off, like chicken-flavored nail polish or a nightmarish VR work training experience, you tease us with useful combo meal tchotchkes like a phone-charging takeout box. Unfortunately, 'tease' is the word, since the company's flashy giveaways typically happen outside the US, like when its Canadian stores briefly sold chicken buckets for bitcoin. KFC's latest stunt is no different: Its Indian locations are selling a chicken wings box that doubles as a drone for a brief couple days this week.

It appears that everything you need to fly this UAV is in -- and also, part of -- the box. Just punch out parts and follow the instructions available online, then download the app to control your junk food-themed aircraft. The 'KFO' drone is a typical quadcopter, though it will probably always carry the distinct aroma of fast food chicken. Keep in mind that it only comes in particular orders of Smoky Grilled Wings and can only be bought on January 25th and 26th, so pick one up and fly it for those of us in less KFC-lucky parts of the world, Indian readers.

Since the KFO website is a little wonky, these are the KFC locations it lists that should have drones:

  • Bangalore: Central Mall, Hypercity & Signature Mall

  • Gurgaeon: Ambience Mall

  • Delhi: CP2

  • Chennai: Forum Vijaya Mall

  • Hyderabad: Gachibowli

  • Mumbai: Powai

  • Kolkata: Park Street

  • Chandigarh: Elante Mall

  • Pune: Amanora Mall

  • Kochi: Lulu Mall