MoviePass abruptly cuts off access to several AMC theaters

They include several of the most popular locations.

Getty Images for MoviePass

The $9.95 MoviePass subscription has been incredibly popular and soon the company will invest in films itself, but because the company pays full price for each ticket, it's subsidizing each customer's theater visit. AMC execs called the plan "unsustainable" last fall, leading to today's reports by Deadline and Variety that the service no longer covers visits to several big market AMC theaters: Empire 25 (NYC), Century City 15 and Universal CityWalk 19 (LA), Loews Boston Common 19, River East 21 (Chicago), Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, and Loews Alderwood Mall 16 (WA).

In a statement echoed by the company's Twitter account, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said "As of today, you'll find a small handful of theaters are no longer available on our platform. Our number one goal as a company is to provide an accessible price-point for people to enjoy films the way they're meant to be seen: on the big screen. Many exhibitors have been receptive to this mission, and we're excited to keep working with theater chains that are closely aligned with our customer service values."

Concerned customers should keep an eye on the app and its list of supported theaters to see if things continue to change for the plan that MoviePass says works at "more than 98 percent of theaters in the US." However, as AMC has resisted sharing revenue from admissions or concessions, we'll be watching the list to see if any of these theaters come back, or if it continues to shrink.