Play 'Overwatch' for free (again) this weekend

Enjoy the just-launched Lunar New Year event.

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Blizzard has a habit of seasonally opening up its hero shooter Overwatch for everyone to try every couple months, typically just after it announces a new hero, event or map. Fittingly, the publisher announced that new PC, PS4 and Xbox One players can try out the game for free next weekend to get a taste of the just-launched Lunar New Year seasonal event.

In addition to snagging the event's temporarily-available skins, new players can try out the newly-tweaked Capture The Flag the Thailand-inspired map made for the mode. They'll also get to toy with the still-fresh amusement park-themed Blizzard World. Those who are coming back to Overwatch can scan the game's patch notes to skim hero changes (e.g. Junkrat and Mercy both got slight ability nerfs on January 30th).

And finally, as with every free weekend, any skins or other items unlocked will carry over if a new player purchases the game.The gratis play runs from February 16th to 19th.

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