Samsung's Galaxy S9 may offer its own version of Apple's Animoji

Anything you can do, I can do too.


Samsung has a history of going toe-to-toe (or sometimes, finger to finger) with Apple on features with its Galaxy S phones, and the Galaxy S9 may be no exception to the rule. ETNews sources have claimed that the S9 will include a "3D emoji" feature that -- surprise! -- counters the Animoji you find on the iPhone X. The smartphone would reportedly use upgraded facial recognition (no word on how closely it matches the iPhone) to create 3D faces that mimic your facial expressions and add a little spice to your messages. The technology would also lead to "more secure financial transactions," which implies that you could use your face for Samsung Pay in the same way that iPhone X owners can stare at their device to use Apple Pay.

The rumor also reinforces some previous leaks, including a rear camera with aperture control (as bright as f/1.5), dual rear cameras on the larger S9 Plus and stereo speakers. And like it or not, the Bixby hardware button would remain -- hopefully Bixby 2.0 fares better here.

There's no guarantee that you'll see us making funny faces at the S9 when it's unveiled on February 25th. ETNews has a mixed track record when it comes to scoops. The outlet did accurately predict an upgraded LG V30, however, and much of what it has described is at least consistent with what we've heard before. If so, the S9 really will be an evolution of the S8 that focuses more on adding popular features than reinventing the wheel.