'Super Mario Bros.' encyclopedia comes to the US October 23rd

There may be a few glaring omissions.

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Dark Horse Publishing/Nintendo
Dark Horse Publishing/Nintendo

Nintendo did many things to mark the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., but there's been one you couldn't usually get your hands on unless you lived in Japan: the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia. You'll be glad to hear that it's coming to the West, though. Dark Horse Publishing has announced that the official guide to Mario's universe will be available in a standard edition in the US on October 23rd for $40. Amazon is also hinting at releases in the UK and Europe, although we don't have official information as of this writing.

The 256-page book is full of information and artwork for 17 games in the Super Mario series, including character info, developer interviews and other tidbits. Just don't expect it to be up to date. As the dates above suggest, you probably won't find Super Mario Odyssey or Super Mario Run in the book unless there's an addendum. And this is going to focus on the core Mario games, not offshoots like Paper Mario. Despite the "encyclopedia" in the title, this is more of a look back at a specific period in the franchise's history than a definitive compendium.

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