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30 years of Super Mario in pop culture

30 years of Super Mario in pop culture
Jon Turi
Jon Turi|@jonturi|September 19, 2015 11:00 AM

Mario may have cut his teeth hopping barrels as "Jumpman" in Donkey Kong back in 1981, but his true claim to fame came with Super Mario Bros. Created by acclaimed video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, that game launched in September 1985, landing on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)/Famicom consoles. This year, the highly influential Mario series celebrates its 30th birthday, having entertained generations of arcade and console fans throughout several iterations over three decades. The impact of Nintendo's iconic Mario and his player-two bro Luigi on pop culture has gone far beyond just gaming itself; they've appeared in cartoons, movies, comics and even art. To join in celebrating 30 years of Super Mario Bros., we've put together a photo album of all things Mario over the years.

Gallery: 30 years of Super Mario in pop culture | 14 Photos

  • It's-a-me: Mario
  • Mariovich, Mariovich, Mariovich
  • Mario Storm
  • Bizarro world Mario
  • Bouncy Mario
  • Lego my Mario
  • Mario, is that-a you?
  • Easy-make Mario
  • Casual Kart enthusiasts
  • Custom Kart
  • Gaming breakfast
  • Sweet Mario
  • In the funny pages
  • It's not easy being green
30 years of Super Mario in pop culture