Samsung revives Opera's data-saving app as a Galaxy exclusive

Unfortunately, the app will no longer work on non-Samsung devices.

Opera Max was a great way to keep track of what apps were siphoning data in the background and keeping (some of) your privacy intact. Then Opera announced it was shuttering the app. There's a sliver of silver lining to that though: Samsung has stepped in and rescued the application from the great smartphone in the sky, renaming it to Samsung Max in the process. The downside? If you were a fan and using the app on something other than a Galaxy handset, you'll have to say goodbye once Max drops its Opera branding.

As VentureBeat reports, the application has gotten a bit of a UI refresh, but also isn't a VPN anymore. Instead, the app has a DNS masking feature that keeps your IP address intact. Samsung promises to keep updating Max's data-saving and privacy protection measures. The app will come pre-installed on certain devices in developing nations including Argentine, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam.

Of all of Samsung's branded apps, this might be the most helpful and useful. After all, plenty of people already have a platform-agnostic mobile email client they like, or set of productivity apps. At least Max is useful for a broader set of users.