Art and tech studio Eyebeam opens calls for one-year residencies

This year's theme: Access, and how to improve it for an equitable future.

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David Lumb
March 15th, 2018
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The NYC-based nonprofit tech and art center Eyebeam has opened a call for residencies. If you're a budding artist or technologist who wants to create works like the anonymous thumbdrives that cropped up around the city almost a decade ago, you can apply on Eyebeam's website.

Like the past two open calls, this year has a theme: Access, from the perspective of equity. Specifically, they're looking for folks interested in creating to explore: Access to physical space, access to information, access as it relates to disability, gender, race, socioeconomic positions, sexual-orientations, as well as ecosystems and environmental access, according to Eyebeam's website. If you're interested, the collective will accept applications until April 11th.

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