Casio revives its musical, game-playing calculator from the '80s

The SL-880 will have the same design and 'Space Invaders'-style number game.

Back in 1980, Casio released a musical, game-playing calculator cleverly named the MG-880. Apparently, kids went wild for the thing, playing a mini Space Invaders-inspired game with just numbers on the LCD screen. Now, Casio is releasing a revival of the calculator -- the SL-880 -- in Japan on March 23rd.

So far, the price point is to be determined, though the expected retail price may be around JPY 2,000. Sales outside Japan are yet to be determined, too. According to the Japanese-language press release, "The calculator is equipped with a simple and fun shooting game that intercepts approaching 'number' invaders by pressing the decimal key as many times to match the numbers in the target." The device will also work as a basic calculator, with a tax function, battery and solar power options and an extra-large number display.