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Ron Gilbert's 'Thimbleweed Park' gets physical collector's editions

Available from Limited Run Games for PS4 and Switch.

Fans of adventure game classics have a reason to give Thimbleweed Park one more look -- it's about to get a physical release, complete with both standard ($35) and limited collector's editions ($65) for PS4 and Switch. Made by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick (Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion) the side-scrolling adventure game erupted from a 2014 Kickstarter before its eventual release on PC, consoles and mobile devices.

The collector-ready Big Box Edition includes treats like a poster, newspaper and post-it notes. The PS4 edition has exclusive stickers and a tape cassette, while the Switch version drops those to add stickers and a phone book. In case you missed it, the game's maker's promised not just a homage, but a real new point and click adventure investigating strange deaths and other odd events in its namesake town.

New rules have made boxed editions a bit harder to come by, but Limited Run Games is again handling the job for this one. Quantities are limited, and they go on sale March 30th.