Nissan's electric SUV concept will enter production

It promises much more power and range than the Leaf.

Nissan's current electric car lineup revolves almost exclusively around the Leaf, but it's ready to diversify its selection. The company's European design chief Mamoru Aoki has revealed to Autocar that a production version of the IMx concept SUV (above) will arrive sometime in "a few years." It's not certain how much the crossover EV would change, but it's reasonable to presume that Nissan would want to keep the IMx's performance. The concept promised 435HP and a 380-mile range, giving Tesla's Model X a run for its money in some cases.

It's safe to say some concept car indulgences, such as the giant wheels, won't make the cut. Don't rule everything out, however. Aoki extolled the IMx's unique mix of wood and translucent plastic for the interior, suggesting that you might see some form of it in the finished product.

Renault-Nissan has a solid roadmap for electric cars with plans to field eight by 2022 (not including Mitsubishi), but the Nissan brand's plans have remained relatively quiet compared to Renault -- this sheds some light on what its share of the 2022 lineup might look like. It may also answer those concerned that Nissan might lag behind Hyundai, VW and others who've been more vocal about their EV roadmaps.