HTC slips out an upgraded VR object tracker

They could be the key to larger VR play spaces.

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HTC's Vive Tracker is barely half a year old for everyday users, but it's already being replaced with a new model. The VR hardware maker has confirmed to Tom's Hardware that it's now selling an updated "Vive Tracker (2018)" for the same $99. The product listing doesn't say much about what's new. However, they're understood to support SteamVR Tracking 2.0, enabling object tracking in much larger (33ft by 33ft) spaces. That could make this new model virtually mandatory for some VR enthusiasts -- the old model isn't expected to work with 2.0 base stations.

The device is otherwise much the same as before, with the ability to track props (or even your own body) and 4.5 hours of battery life when you're untethered. You have no reason to upgrade if you're happy with your existing Vive setup, then. This is really for newcomers, arcades and diehard enthusiasts who were always going to buy the latest gear -- it's just good to know that HTC is making this gear available relatively quickly.

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