Qualification for this year’s Overwatch World Cup starts now

Blizzard tweaked how National Competition Committees are formed this year.

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Overwatch League
Overwatch League

The third annual Overwatch World Cup will take place in California this November and Blizzard has now announced how qualification and team-building will play out this year. From now through April 28th, Blizzard will track the average skill rating of every country's top 150 players, and the top 20 countries will get a seat at the Cup. France, South Korea, Thailand and the US will be this year's Group Stage host countries and will automatically qualify, bringing the total number of competing teams to 24.

Committees will work a little differently this go around. GMs will be selected by Blizzard and while individuals can apply, Blizzard will also do a bit of scouting. As for coaches, anyone with an account in good standing can apply to coach their country's team and their country's top 150 players will each vote on who they would like to lead the team. After the first vote, the top three candidates will then be voted on again. The community lead will also be chosen through a two-step voting system. A country's entire player base can vote for community lead and the top 10 from round one will be the candidates included in the second round of voting.

Committees will be revealed on May 31st and will hold tryouts from June 1st through July 5th. Final rosters can have up to 12 players and Blizzard will work with teams to select the seven players that will represent the team at various live events.

You can see a breakdown of voting round dates here and application links for Committee positions will be provided by Blizzard at a later date.

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