Apple Music puts all its music videos in one place

It has exclusive videos, curated playlists and artist spotlights.

In January, Apple released a rundown of some of the features that would be released with iOS 11.3, a list that included Apple Music becoming a "home for music videos." Well now, ahead of the iOS 11.3 launch, Apple has incorporated a section in Apple Music that's dedicated to music videos. You can get to it through the "Browse" tab in the Music app and once there, you'll find sections for new music videos, exclusives, curated playlists, videos by genre and spotlights on particular artists.

In the playlist section, you'll find collections like "Today's Video Hits," "The A-List: K-Pop Videos" and "Y2K Pop Videos." Among the exclusive videos being offered now are A Tribe Called Quest's "The Space Program," Beck's "Colors" and Kylie Minogue's "Stop Me from Falling." And the current artist spotlight is on Taylor Swift.

Apple Music already had videos, but this makes them much easier to find and helps users spot videos they're more interested in. Plus, it appears that Apple will be personalizing video suggestions based on what you tend to listen to. However, though non-Apple Music subscribers can see the video offerings, you can't actually play them unless you have a subscription.

Image: Apple Music