Twitter makes it easy to share the best parts of live videos

No need to note what time your audience needs to skip to anymore.

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When you want to show your Twitter followers a specific part of a live video, you have no choice but to tell them what time to skip to. Now, Twitter has rolled out a new feature called "Timestamps," which gives you a way to share live videos that start playing at that exact moment you want to show your audience. Say, your pal wiped out surfing a big wave or their cute pet stole their snacks, and you want to show that moment to your followers: all you need to do is scrub to the time you want your audience to see, like you would when you want to embed a YouTube video that starts at a specific part.

It could be the most interesting, controversial, funniest or saddest moment -- whatever it is, you can blast the timestamped video to your followers as a new tweet, send it to a friend as a direct message or share it as a link. The feature works for both ongoing live broadcasts and replays, but if you're watching the former, you can quickly skip to real-time events by tapping "live." It'll also work whether you're sharing videos posted by publications and big companies or those by friends and simple people broadcasting with their phones.

It's a simple change that could make it easier to communicate your thoughts or to start discussions with friends and followers. And the good news is that you can take advantage of it whatever device you use: it'll be available on Twitter for Android, iOS, the web and on Periscope starting today.

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