A looping GIF could soon be your next Tinder profile pic

The experiment is only available in Canada and Sweden for now.

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SIphotography via Getty Images
SIphotography via Getty Images

Tinder's latest addition is one cribbed from relationship-minded competitor Hinge. The dating app is testing out a feature called "Loops" in Canada and Sweden, which are essentially two-second repeating GIFs that you can add to your profile.

What's more, to make room for your new profile clips, the app is also experimenting with boosting the amount of photos and Loops you can have in your profile; nine total, up from the current limit of six. You can't record videos from within the app, instead, you can upload Live Photos or video from your camera roll. For now, the feature is exclusive to iOS.

While additional features for profiles are welcome, the company still hasn't enabled profile verification like Bumble has, photo messaging, nor has it done much to curb the amount of bots on the platform. But hey, steal like an artist right?

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