Hulu renews Sarah Silverman's talk show for a second season

'I Love You, America' comes back September 6th.

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Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Hulu might not be as committed to streaming talk shows as Netflix, but its fledgling efforts are paying off. The company has renewed Sarah Silverman's I Love You, America for a second season, with the 11-episode run beginning on September 6th. While there aren't any clues as to what's on deck, it's safe to presume the show will continue to focus on the cultural and political landscape of the US, using chats with notable figures (such as Roxane Gay and Patton Oswalt) as a hook.

It's not certain exactly how well I Love You, America and other internet-only talk shows have fared, since the services involved rarely provide viewer numbers. Chelsea Handler said she ended her Netflix show to focus on upcoming elections. The allure to Hulu, Netflix and others is fairly self-evident, however. Weekly talk shows give you a reason to come back on a regular basis. That, in turn, may keep you subscribed where you'd otherwise be tempted to jump ship.

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