Google wants the Clean Power Plan to stick around too

It has submitted a formal response to the EPA in support of the Obama-era law.

If we don't want the seas to boil and the skies to burn, we need to stop polluting the world with climate altering gases. Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency is planning to gut the Clean Power Plan, legislation aimed at curbing America's carbon emissions by almost a third by 2030. And it's something that, like Apple, Google has decided to fight, making a public statement in support of the Clean Power Plan just before the deadline closed.

Google's statement, which it shared with the Verge, makes the search engine's economic argument for the CPP. The company says that the law will push utilities, and tech giants, to invest in renewables, helping it to get cheaper, and adding more jobs to the US economy. Google also says that the act's targets should be toughened, since the price of renewables has fallen so far since the document was drafted.

Google isn't the first tech giant to oppose the Environmental Protection Agency while it abdicates its obligation to protect the environment. Earlier this year, Apple published its own response in support of the Clean Power Plan, saying that the plan would "help the US become a global leader." Unfortunately, it appears that the only thing that EPA chief Scott Pruitt wants to be a leader in is the number of concurrent ethics violations investigations.