Elon Musk's next project might be... a candy company?

Will they be semi-autonomous sweets?

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Reuters/Joe Skipper
Reuters/Joe Skipper

No, Elon Musk isn't done envisioning strange new ventures just yet. Hot on the heels of his cyborg dragon, a comedy project and the Boring Company's flamethrower, the serial entrepreneur has declared that he's starting a candy company. We've asked for confirmation, but Musk was quick to follow up with word that he was "super super serious." Given that he announced the Boring Company in a Twitter thread about sluggish traffic, you shouldn't be surprised if there's a Musk-made confectionery in the near future.

Provided this isn't just a lark, the main question is... why? And will any of Musk's more grandiose projects play a role? We wouldn't be surprised if the company delivered treats to stores with Tesla Semi trucks, but much of anything else remains a mystery. Just don't expect SpaceX to send candy to Mars colonists... we think.

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