You can buy NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards for not-insane prices again

The Bitcoin craze drove demand -- and prices -- through the roof.

Fortnite builders, Overwatch heroes and PUBG squads might soon play those games with extra clarity if they've been clamoring for a new NVIDIA graphics card. Low availability and high prices recently made the 10-series GeForce GTX GPUs hard to come by. However, the cards are back in stock on NVIDIA's site and at retailers, with standard retail prices that make it easier for gamers to get one.

NVIDIA GPUs often sell out quickly and go for much higher than their retail prices on secondary markets. The reason for that? Bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners use them to generate digital currency faster than they can with processors alone. The recent crypto boom sent demand for graphics cards and memory skyrocketing, with inflated prices to match.

The restock is good news for gamers who want to upgrade their old, creaky GPUs without paying a premium or scouring for a prebuilt rig with a good card. Prices start at $229 for the 1060 3GB, with the top-end 1080 TI Founders Edition selling for $699. It might be best to act quickly, though -- there's every chance crypto miners might stock up now the cards are less expensive, slashing supplies and bumping up prices yet again.