Create your own Avengers-esque visual effects with help from FXHome

The latest version of HitFilm released today.

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FXHome is the company behind the popular visual-effects-for-amateurs software HitFilm, and today they released the latest version of their free editing software. To attract new users to their software, as well as help them understand how to use HitFilm Express 8.0, the team released a series of Avengers-themed tutorials and visual effects content demonstrating what regular users can do with the free version of the software. The series is called "Assemble."

The software allows amateur users and YouTubers to create professional looking special effects without the cost. In addition to motion graphics tools, 360 degree video tools and hundreds of advanced effect presets (lighting, explosions, heat distortion, and smoke, just to name a few) round out the features of the software. Free users will continue to receive new features and updates.

The Pro version of HitFilm also received an upgrade. It includes a new layout panel with pixel-perfect accuracy, which extends to masks. Users who have a 12-month subscription will receive this update for free.

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