Sports Illustrated's streaming service adds MLB games and shows

Don't go cancelling cable, though.

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Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated TV just became considerably more intreresting if you're a baseball fan... provided you don't need live games, anyway. The streaming service has forged an agreement with MLB that provides access to the league's back catalog of games and shows. In some cases, this will include offering whole games -- an Ace's Choice series will show games chosen by the likes of Nolan Ryan and Pedro Martinez.

There will also be two original documentaries, including 14 Back (a look at a pivotal 1978 AL East game between the Red Sox and Yankees).

This won't make you ditch your MLB.TV subscription, or ESPN for that matter. Not that the SI TV team is really aiming for that -- they're clearly treating the $5 per month offering more as a complement to whatever sports coverage you already have. The MLB deal just makes that supplement more compelling.

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