VLC becomes one of first ARM64 Windows apps

Expect more developers to follow suit.

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Although ARM-based PCs are now available, apps that utilize native 64-bit architectures on Microsoft's Windows 10 on ARM have been relegated to legacy support for 32-bit apps. Microsoft introduced the proper frameworks for 64-bit apps at its recent BUILD conference, allowing developers to port their apps and begin native app integration. After a small wait, apps are starting to appear; VLC -- the swiss army knife of multimedia players -- is one of the first to launch a dedicated ARM64 app.

Unlike traditional Intel and AMD processors, ARM's architecture has largely been synonymous with mobile devices and tablets, which are often powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors. Microsoft's more recent developments have paved the way for proper ARM architecture within PCs, and promise a whole host of benefits including better affordability, permanent online connection and improved battery preservation.

With a popular free app like VLC making the first move, it's highly probable that other app developers will be encouraged to follow in its footsteps. You can download VLC as you normally would -- via the official website -- just ensure you select the ARM 64 version from the drop down menu.

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