Here's everything ASUS unveiled at Computex 2018

A dual-screen AI-powered laptop, a notebook with a touchscreen trackpad, a blood-pressure monitoring watch and oh, more laptops.

It's been a busy start of Computex 2018 for ASUS. The company kicked off the show with its annual launch event, and unveiled a bunch of intriguing new devices. Between the concept dual-screen AI-powered laptop known for now as Project Precog and the ZenBook Pro 15 with its touchscreen trackpad, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the news. Not to worry -- Team Engadget has your back. We've combed all the announcements, even from its gaming sub-brand ROG, to bring you the most interesting of the lot.

First, if you haven't already, make sure to check out our closer look at Project Precog laptop, which is the latest in a string of ill-fated efforts to make dual-screen devices feasible. It's basically a laptop with a second display where you'd expect the keyboard to be, and you can flip the lid 360-degrees to use the device in modes like Tent, Flat and Book. Though it's just a concept PC for now, Precog will eventually come to market, with ASUS promising it'll go on sale in 2019.

Then there's the ZenBook Pro, which is not only beautifully designed and packs powerful guts, but also sports a touchscreen trackpad. This reminds me of the Touch Bar on some MacBook Pros, except ASUS' ScreenPad seems potentially more useful. You can use it to launch a number pad, calendar, calculator or other apps that suit a small 5.5-inch screen, or use the trackpad as a secondary display. There's so much more to it, and the execution appears well thought out, but there are some caveats that you can read about in our hands-on.

ASUS also added a new sibling to the ZenBook family with the rugged ZenBook S that manages to be thin and light while complying with military standards for durability. The midrange VivoBook line also got a refresh, mostly through a fresh coat of paint in color-block styles and processor upgrades. There's also the new Zen AiO Pro, a 27-inch desktop that has a swiveling screen hinge, wireless charger embedded into its base and a six-core Intel Core i7 processor.

Let's not forget that ASUS also makes wearables. It unveiled the VivoWatch BP today as well, featuring onboard ECG and PPG heart rate and blood pressure sensors, as well as GPS onboard. Together, those components help the watch track your blood pressure, pulse and location. The device will also last an impressive 28 days on a charge, thanks to its rudimentary processor and screen.

Over on the ROG gaming side, ASUS impressed with the ROG Phone -- an ambitious take on the gaming smartphone. It also released two new Strix II laptops featuring slimmer bezels that make the ROG notebooks look more modern.

Whew, that's it. What a surprisingly intriguing lineup of new products. ASUS clearly wants to prove it can innovate like its rivals, and its showing at Computex 2018 certainly presents compelling evidence in its favor.

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