After Math: It's trade show season

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Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee

Ah June, the January of summer. With Computex winding down and E3 getting started, the weeks are just going to be packed with new gadgets and forward-looking announcements. Oh yeah, Apple had a keynote this past week as well but since there weren't any hardware announcements, most folks just sorta tuned that one out. Numbers, because it's only 6 months until CES!

7 nanometers: AMD had quite the Computex. The chipmaker not only showed off its mammoth 32-core Threadripper CPU, they also unveiled the Vega 7nm GPU. While definitely destined for a gaming card near you, don't expect to see these in the market until some point next year.

The Intel logo is shown at the E3 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, U.S. June 13, 2017.  REUTERS/ Mike Blake

5Ghz: For those of you with money and processing cycles to burn, there's Intel's new 28-core i9 CPU. It scored a 7,334 on Cinebench, though there are now rumors swirling that the company had overclocked the chip during its on-stage demonstration at Computex.


7 minutes: That's how long your cat has to get to a minimum safe distance before this self-cleaning litter box tumbles spins itself clear of poop and clumps and clumps of poop. We're living in the future.

7-day competitions: Having trouble motivating yourself to get off the couch? Perhaps some peer pressure will help. All you need is an Apple Watch. And friends.

0 talkback: Siri is the thirstiest of today's digital assistants, seemingly popping up every time you look at your mobile device, ready to give a completely off-topic answer to whatever you're asking. At least with WatchOS 5, you won't have to actually say her name to activate the service.

32 people: Oh boy! In case you didn't think participating in group video chats was a low enough Circle of Hell as it is, now Apple's FaceTime will let you chat with up to 32 other people simultaneously. What could go wrong?

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