YouTube's World Cup coverage includes near-live highlights in Spanish

Telemundo will help you find big moments through a deal with Google.

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Ritzau Scanpix/Lars Moeller via Reuters
Ritzau Scanpix/Lars Moeller via Reuters

If you're eager to follow the 2018 World Cup online en español and can't watch live, you might have a viable alternative. Telemundo has teamed up with Google to provide "close to real-time" video highlights in Spanish for American viewers. Search for matches, scores and teams and you'll see goals, halftime highlights and other stand-out moments through YouTube. It should be useful in between games, too, with match previews, news and other useful info.

Telemundo is also collaborating with NBCUniversal's Digital Lab on an original YouTube series, Somos Mundial (We Are the World) to cover the stories behind the Latin American teams' journey to the Cup.

The Google-backed coverage comes on top of Telemundo's in-house tech, including the option to watch every World Cup game in VR, a custom emoji keyboard for the network's En Vivo app and real-time "musical GIFs" that help you show solidarity with your team. This isn't as ideal as offering live games through YouTube (the closest you get is YouTube TV), but you won't be hurting for other options if Spanish is your mother tongue.

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