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The Morning After: Red Rocks

And the Bodega Boys are headed from Viceland to Showtime.

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome back! We'll explain why it might be time to try Pokémon Go again and try to make our choice between a pair of excellent electric SUVs. Oh, and the president made a little announcement.

It would also require an act of Congress.Trump directs Pentagon to form a Space Force military branch

Donald Trump said during a National Space Council meeting today that he has called for the development of a sixth military branch: Space Force. Congress took steps towards forming such a branch last year, but the idea was ultimately shot down, with both the Pentagon and White House against it at the time.

Good luck! 'Westworld' mobile game puts you in control June 21st

HBO and Warner Bros. have been teasing their Westworld mobile game for nigh-on half a year. Now, though, they finally have something to show. The Behaviour Interactive-built game is slated to arrive on June 21st for iOS and Android. Whichever platform you use, the premise is the same: You're a Delos trainee running a simulation that grants ever-increasing responsibility over Westworld, requiring you to both satisfy guests and keep the robotic hosts in line.

It's about time.Android Messages hits the web for browser-based texting

Google has recently added Rich Communication Services (RCS) into its Android OS to help it compete with Apple's popular iMessage. It's also been exploring texting from your web browser since at least February. Now the feature appears to be officially available and will roll out over the next week or so, along with other features like Smart Reply and copying one-time passwords with a single tap.

They're currently the only members of the EV luxury SUV club. The Model X vs the I-Pace: a luxury electric SUV face-off

The I-Pace and Model X aren't just great EVs, they're great cars, and to get everyone on board for the transition from gas to electrons, they're exactly what we need. But there can only be one winner -- let's fight.

As long as you're level 10 or above and within 100 meters of your friend.After two years, 'Pokémon Go' is finally letting you trade monsters

The feature will be added this week, but it will be deeply tied to a new Friendship system which, like real friendships, is broken up into a tier system: Good, Great, Ultra and Best.

The FIFA World Cup doesn't have to worry about this.What happens when a pro 'League of Legends' game crashes?

Riot Games ran into an unexpected snag during the North American LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) yesterday. The MOBA crashed partway through a match between Clutch Gaming and Echo Fox, kicking all 10 players out of the session. After a lengthy pause, Riot ruled that Echo Fox had won the match, pushing the team to joint first in the summer split standings.

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