Twitch allows everyone to customize streams with multiple tools

It's the latest step toward democratizing the broadcasting platform.

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Twitch's work on Extensions -- video overlays and visual embellishments for streams -- keeps plugging along. Today the broadcasting service announced that now every user can turn on up to three different video overlays and a trio of below-player Extensions for their channel. It all sounds pretty easy to use, too. Just head over to the Extensions Manager on your channel dashboard and activate the six add-ons you want. To celebrate, there are even a handful of new Extensions available from developers, some explicitly made to be combined with one another.

Amazon's billion-dollar baby first introduced Extensions in late 2017, and has since made them compatible with the Twitch mobile app. Sure, there are other options for customizing your broadcast's look and feel, but setting them up isn't exactly easy. More often than not, you need special software and some knowhow to get everything up and running. Twitch baking these tools in and making them easy to use is smart, and a good way to keep people within its platform and spending money.

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