Bose puts crowdfunded 'sleepbuds' on sale for $250

They're now available in the US and Canada.

Last year, Bose took to Indiegogo to gauge people's interest on an experimental device: a pair of noise-masking wireless earbuds designed to help you sleep. That experiment was a success, and the "sleepbuds" sold out within six days on the crowdfunding platform, so now the audio giant is making them available for purchase. These sleepbuds were designed to fit snugly -- they're apparently Bose's smallest products yet --allowing you to drift off to sleep without the feeling that there's something in your ears. In addition to blocking noise, they come with 10 pre-loaded white noise tracks that mimic snoring, the sound of gentle waves, dogs, traffic and wind turbines, among other things. What they don't do, however, is stream music.

If you're the type who can't sleep with even the tiniest noise, it might be worth investing $249 in a pair. (It was available at a much lower price for its earliest Indiegogo backers, but that ship has sailed.) However, they don't double as noise-canceling earphones you can use to listen to music and were really just created to help you sleep. You're not getting a multi-purpose device for your money.

Bose's sleepbuds use low-energy Bluetooth to connect to Android or iOS devices, where you can use the company's Sleep app to select the sound you want, set the volume and change preferences. The earbuds have 16 hours of battery life, and you can put them in their charging case when they run out. They're now available in the US and Canada at Bose stores, and select resellers, and they're making their way to select markets in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Mexico and Latin America this fall.