Mojang card game 'Scrolls' reborn as 'Caller's Bane'

And it’s completely free.

Updated ·1 min read

When Scrolls was hit by a Bethesda lawsuit and its online servers died an ugly death, the future of Mojang's collectible card game was looking rather grim. But Scrolls is still alive, and it's just been rebranded as 'Caller's Bane'. Unlike before, it now costs nothing to play.

Scrolls tasks players with overpowering their opponent's idols through the use of special cards called 'scrolls'. For each 90-second turn, a player can either deploy creatures, spells, enchantments or structures onto the board, and depending on their scrolls, move, attack, or make a sacrifice. Scrolls shares various mechanical similarities with games like Hearthstone and Duelyst, which also challenge players with turn-based action that features spellcasting and the common goal of eliminating rivals.

In an official blog post, developer Måns Olson said his team had been secretly working on a revival "for a long time". Caller's Bane is essentially the same game that released in 2013 with a few modifications; namely, any scrolls or decks collected during previous online battles cannot be transferred to the new community server. It's now being held by the operator of fan site Scrolls Guide -- and Mojang's account system (and hence the friend list) is no longer supported.

Caller's Bane might not carry the same biblical vibe as Scrolls, but the name change means Mojang is no longer inhibited by Bethesda's lawsuit -- which opens the doorway for future sequels. Anyone keen to dive back into the turn-based destruction can do so right here.