Google's free class teaches you how to create AR experiences

If you have an Android phone, of course.

If you've ever wanted to create augmented reality experiences but had no idea where to start, Google might have your back. It's releasing a free Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore class on Coursera that teaches you how to develop AR content, even if you have no knowledge of the format. Walk through the 15-hour program and you should know how to use both ARCore as well as resources like Google's own Poly object library.

It's a helpful gesture for app makers wanting to hop on the AR trend without investing extensive time and money into learning the ropes. Of course, it's not a selfless gesture on Google's part. The more developers it can persuade into writing ARCore apps, the greater the chance Android becomes a popular choice for mobile AR and competes with Apple's ARKit. Not that there's much room to gripe -- it could help the AR community as a whole by reducing the anxiety involved in starting AR projects.