August automatically creates smart lock codes for Airbnb guests (updated)

You won't have to ask for a code or a spare key.

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Andrew Tarantola/Engadget
Andrew Tarantola/Engadget

Locks are a pain with home rental services like Airbnb, whether you're a host or a guest. Do you really want to pick up a spare key, or make the host generate a smart lock code just for you? August thinks it can make life a little easier on that front. If an Airbnb host has August's Smart Keypad, and one of its Smart Locks, they can automatically generate an entry code the moment you make a reservation. The code is timed for the length of the reservation and adapts to changes, so hosts won't have to worry about unscrupulous guests wandering in after their stay is over.

If you're on the receiving end of the code, you'll get email that explains just what kind of access (PIN code, August mobile app or both) you'll have for your visit.

This makes the most sense for regular Airbnb hosts, but it's still important for home rentals at large. Right now, the expectations for these services tend to vary wildly from host to host. Technology like this is not only more convenient, but might create a more consistent experience where you're not quite so worried about basics like getting inside.

Update: To clarify, the update from August has enabled the company's Smart Keypad to work with its automatically-generated codes for Airbnb guests. Previously, guests would have to download the August app to gain entry, but this update takes away that additional step. August has been providing that feature with its other products for a while now, and the Smart Keypad is the latest to get this update.

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