Microsoft’s Twitch rival adds instant highlights

The feature lets some Mixer streamers capture 30-second recordings mid-stream.

Microsoft's live-streaming service Mixer is about to become a touch more memorable. Starting from today, Mixer Partners and owners of verified channels will be able to record 30-second clips of their most epic streaming moments -- just like on Twitch. Mixer is also endowing its HypeZone channel with similar enhancements; from now on, the channel will automatically record the final climactic minute of a stream, and display the resulting clip on both the Streamer's channel and the HypeZone channel.

For any users who've been longing for the convenience of quickly and easily sharing short gameplay segments, the upgrade -- which is still in beta -- represents a welcome change. Clips in Mixer are stitched together in a similar fashion to Twitch, too: Users hit the click icon that's tucked in the bottom right hand corner of the video player. Once the footage is captured, a 'modal player' appears and lets users view their clip, rebaptize it, or set it loose on social media channels.

Mixer boasts a fairly healthy user-base, and Microsoft seems keen on continuing to refine its broadcasting tool. Still, Twitch leads the live-streaming pack with more than 15 million unique daily visitors, and despite lagging behind, YouTube Gaming's streamer base still saw significant growth in 2017.