MoviePass’ surge pricing starts today

The added fees will differ depending on the movie and the popularity.

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Last month, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe announced that surge pricing would soon go into effect, charging customers a little extra for movies and showtimes that are especially popular. That added fee, which MoviePass is calling Peak Pricing, starts rolling out today to customers with a monthly plan as well as any new annual subscribers. When a film or a particular showtime is in high demand and subject to an additional fee, you'll see a little red lightning icon over the showtime. Any showtimes that are gaining in popularity and could have an added Peak Pricing fee soon will have a grey lightning icon above them.

If you want to avoid the fee, you'll have to select another showing, but if you stick with the high-demand showtime, whatever credit card you have on file with MoviePass will be charged. Tapping on the Peak Pricing showtime will display what the added fee is, but the amount will depend on the movie, the time and the level of popularity. After selecting a showtime in Peak Pricing, the app will take you to a confirmation screen that shows the details of the added charge.

In the coming weeks, MoviePass says it will begin offering a Peak Pass that will let users waive one Peak Pricing fee per month. Customers with an annual pass won't be subject to Peak Pricing until their subscription renews.

"The new peak pricing feature is aimed at providing additional flexibility for us and our users around popular movies and times for which there is limited inventory," MoviePass' website says. "We are building peak pricing to be flexible and will be able to tweak it as needed based on the community's response." The company also takes aim at AMC's new subscription offer saying the theater chain's plan "means you pay more for way fewer options." Along with AMC, MoviePass is also facing competition from Sinemia and other chains like Alamo Drafthouse while it continues to deal with its money troubles.

Peak Pricing will roll out to all regions over the next few weeks.

Images: MoviePass