MoviePass was down and out on a summer Friday night

Users will be reimbursed for any tickets bought during the outage.

For the past couple of hours MoviePass was experiencing an outage on a Friday night in the summer. It also happens to be the hottest day so far this year in many parts of the country and would otherwise be a perfect time to hit air-conditioned theaters. That's not a good look for a service that just introduced "surge" prices for popular films days after filing with the SEC to sell off up to $1.2 billion in equity and debt securities to raise funds. MoviePass' Twitter account is recommending people wait before going to the theater, but if you absolutely have to go and can't log in, then buy a ticket and the company will reimburse you. Seriously.

We're seeing reports that service has been restored and hopefully everyone (full disclosure: Including this author) with a MoviePass account can go about their merry movie-going way. An outage on a prime-time night is unfortunate but not crippling for the beleaguered company. Given the competition from AMC, Alamo Drafthouse and Sinemia, though, MoviePass' margin for error is shrinking.