T-Mobile's $5 international day pass offers 512MB of LTE

2G speed is free.

T-Mobile is expanding its One plan to give travelers unlimited data and texting across 210 countries. Those who are on the road can use as much 2G data as they like at no extra cost, and the plan offers flat-rate calling at 25 cents per minute (which is an increase of five cents per minute). There's a new pass you can add to your line which includes unlimited calling and 512MB of LTE data every day you're away at a cost of $5 per day. But,you can still use up to 5GB of data at LTE speeds in Mexico and Canada for no extra charge.

The company's latest move adds 70 more nations to those covered by unlimited data and texting. At a practical level, though, you might need that day pass. The base data speed of around 128 Kbps is extremely sluggish by modern standards, and you'll struggle to do much with it. At the very least, you won't need to worry getting charged through the nose if you leave data roaming on when you're not actively using your phone.

That said, $5 per day for the data pass is half the price of what Verizon charges, so it's not a terrible deal, and free data (no matter how slow) is not really anything to sniff at. T-Mobile will add those 70 countries for One and Simple Choice users starting July 22nd, and it will start offering the data passes August 1st.