Netflix profile icons are getting a facelift

Soon you'll be able to use Crazy Eyes from 'OitNB' for your avatar, too.

With all the money Netflix is spending on new shows, for awhile it's overlooked a small detail we all encounter before watching. The service's profile icons are soon getting a long overdue update, going from the flat minimalist versions that have been around for the last five years, to slightly embellished editions starting today. The aviator sunglasses and mustache (my personal favorite, and second most-popular among Netflix users) has gold-hued aviators now and black facial hair now, for example.

In addition to the updated icons, Netflix is adding a selection of options from its burgeoning roster of original shows. It doesn't look like Frank Tagliano from Lilyhammer made the cut, but Luke Cage, Kimmy Schmidt and Elle from Stranger Things can soon serve as your profile icon. Consider this our vote for Bojack Horseman.

Netflix says the new options will start rolling out to mobile, the Netflix website and other devices over the next few weeks.