Netflix's Calibrated Mode promises perfect images on Sony's new TVs

The aim is to let you watch shows and movies as their creators intended.

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Edgar Alvarez/Engadget
Edgar Alvarez/Engadget

Tweaking your TV to get the perfect balance of color, contrast and clarity to make your favorite shows and movies really pop can be a pain. To help you out, Netflix aims to tune your TV to the ideal settings for its content catalog with its Calibrated Mode. The feature will launch on Sony's Bravia Master Series displays when those sets arrive in the fall.


The companies teamed up to create Calibrated Mode, which you'll only find on A9F OLED and Z9F LED TVs for the foreseeable future. Netflix claims the feature offers "studio-quality picture mastering" with "precise colors," and it will adjust the contrast dynamically while making sure you don't see the dreaded, unnerving "soap opera effect."

Netflix says that viewers are watching more and more 4K and HDR material, and about a third of Smart TVs that use Netflix support HDR. With more 4K content on deck by the week, it's only natural that Netflix wants its material to look as good as possible in your living room. It wouldn't be surprising to see Calibrated Mode land on other TV models down the line.

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