Airstream brings app-based smart controls to its Classic RV

Users can adjust lights, monitor tanks and locate their RV with their phone.

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Airstream is bringing smart controls to its 2019 Classic RVs, giving users the ability to adjust lights, temperature levels and the awning, monitor battery and propane tank levels and even find their RV if they've wandered too far from it. Controls are easy to access via the new Smart Control app through which Airstream customer service, roadside assistance and the owner's manual are accessible as well. "Digital technology has improved almost every aspect of our lives," Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler said in a statement. "Shouldn't it make camping better, too? We think so. That's why, in keeping with our commitment to innovation, we're leading the way with our new Smart Control Technology and connectivity solution, starting with our Airstream Classic travel trailers."

Other features that can be controlled or monitored through the app are vent fans, water tanks and holding tanks. There's also a WiFi boost feature and a 4G LTE modem to keep you connected as you travel in your camper. Airstream says that all 2019 Airstream Classics will come with a year of unlimited 4G LTE data.

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