is officially dead

Good night my sweet lip-syncing prince.

Sponsored Links is shutting down for good. After amassing a sizeable user-base, the lip-sync app (the service had a few others as well) will scuttle users to TikTok, a Vine-like video app owned by Chinese internet firm Bytedance according to Variety. The publication says user accounts and videos will automatically move to the new app, so it should be a pretty seamless, if not abrupt, transition. And when you update for the last time, you'll automatically upgrade to TikTok.

You could say that this is a direct reaction to Facebook reportedly working on a music-based talent show for its Watch platform, but that might be giving the social network a little too much credit. Bytedance acquired last November for a reported $1 billion, and began consolidating aspects of the company in June.

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