Lyft offers Avis rentals to drivers who don't own cars

You can still make money if you don't have

Lyft drivers now have another major choice if they want to offer rides without buying their own cars. The ridesharing service has struck a deal that will have the Avis Budget Group offer "thousands" of vehicles through Lyft's Express Drive program in North America. There's no mention of the rates or terms of the deal, but the aim remains to make Lyft work feasible without the "cost and burden" of ownership. The cars should become available through the Lyft app in the next few months.

Without the financial info, it's not certain just how viable this is compared to buying your own ride. However, it's not really pitched as a long-term option. It's more for "on-demand access," including for people who may have given up their personal cars but don't want to rule Lyft as a source of income. It's more about flexibility (and filling Lyft's driver ranks) than courting full-time workers.