Mercedes teases production electric SUV ahead of September 4th reveal

It's not just a rehash of the EQC concept vehicle.

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Mercedes is nearly done with showing off concepts and prototypes for the EQC. The automaker has teased the production version of the electric SUV in a video that promises a full reveal at its September 4th event in Stockholm. While it's only the briefest peek, the clip makes clear that this won't be quite as futuristic as the concept you saw in t2016. The one-piece front section has been replaced with a more conventional arrangement that includes a grille -- unnecessary on an electric car, but likely there to appeal to a customer base that's likely looking for conventional styling cues.

The performance estimates are already well-known. Mercedes is mating a roughly 400HP motor system with a 70kWh battery pack to provide both a 0-62MPH time under five seconds and an estimated 310-mile range (though realistically less).

The finished EQC still isn't due to arrive until 2019, but there is a reason for the early look. This is all about stealing the thunder from Audi's e-tron SUV debut mere days later, on September 17th. Mercedes and Audi both want to be seen as eco-friendly (and tech-savvy) vanguards, and they're not above one-upping each other's EV launches if it means some temporary bragging rights.

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