Microsoft removes device install limits for Office 365 subscribers

However, you can only be signed in on five devices at once.

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Westend61 via Getty Images
Westend61 via Getty Images

Microsoft is removing limits on the number of devices on which some Office 365 subscribers can install the apps. From October 2nd, Home users will no longer be restricted to 10 devices across five users nor will Personal subscribers have a limit of one computer and one tablet. However, you can only stay signed in on five devices at once.

Meanwhile, Home users can let another person use the productivity suite through their account, with Microsoft bumping up the number of licenses per subscriber from five to six. Each user has access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote, along with 1TB of individual storage. Microsoft is also integrating Home subscriptions with its family service, so you can automatically share your Office 365 plan with people you've set up as family members.

Elsewhere, you'll manage your subscription from within your Microsoft account settings from now on. Previously, you had to do so from the account page on the Office website, which now redirects to a general services and subscriptions hub. That means you can manage your subscription in the same place as your other Microsoft services and settings. All of these updates should make Office 365 a little more user-friendly -- as well as saving some money for those who add an extra person to their Home subscription plan.

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